The Monaghan Mouth is a free online news & events blog based in County Monaghan. The site is run by several contributors posting local news and events in the area.

TMM originally started out as a ‘satire site’ for pure entertainment purposes, but after receiving incredible feedback from reporting local issues we switched our focus to covering local news and events. Since launching the site TMM has received hundreds of thousands of views from across the world.

In 2015 The Monaghan Mouth is expanding to full coverage throughout the county. We are re-adjusting our site to use the platform we have created to promote local events and charities for free.

Our site displays no advertising and and any events posted on our blog are either favours to friends or have been submitted to us by email.

We would like to make one thing clear to our readers, we aren’t a newspaper and do not follow any of the press council guidelines, we are simply a blog publishing content on the web under no regulation. If you see see something on our site that isn’t correct or you would like an article removed please contact us at themonaghanmouth@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and make sure to like‘ our facebook page.


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