17 Monaghan Tunes You Have To Hear

Here are 17 great original tunes from County Monaghan (in no particular order)

1# Sun.Set.Ships Brothers

2# Fields – In The Morning

3# Mark Campbell – City Lights

4# Lowlight Gathering – Young Hearts

5# Litehouse – Blackcats

Audio quality is not great here so you can listen on Soundcloud here

6# Dysania – Lasú Croí

7# Nix Moon – Peculair Feeling

Nix Moon are a Dundalk band but because two members are from Monaghan we have included them in this list.

8# Grainne Duffy – Sweet Sweet Baby

9# Barry Jay Hughes – Falling Moon

10# Sun.Set.Ships – Colours

11# Dara MacGabhain

12# Dez Murphy Trio – Same Old Time

13# Brendan McCahey – My Strength

14# Fields – 22.22

15# Ben Reel – One Of These Days

16# The Flaws – Animals

17# Ryan Sheridan – Jigsaw

Have you any suggestions of songs or artists for our next list?

Email themonaghanmouth@gmail.com

Please share and help promote Monaghan music.


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