Blasta – Tex Mex In Monaghan

Nikita preping before Blasta opens
Blasta is a new cafe/restaurant  by chef Sean Mc Kenna & Nikita Mc Crory located in Monaghan Town.
The young couple have been travelling the world working in the hospitality industry sampling food from International kitchens for the past four years.While working with Mexican people in New York and Melbourne they developed a particular love for Mexican food and customs.
As a new years resolution last year Sean set up World Food Porn, a food blog to document their travel and tastes. This year they decided to return to Monaghan to turn their online blog into a restaurant, a long-term dream  for both of them.
Nikita & Sean on their travels
The couple opened Blasta at the start of February and it has exceeded their wildest expectations with extremely positive reviews and their cafe being booked out. Blasta is based in Tapas De Nochas next to the magic roundabout in Monaghan Town and only opened during the day at the moment.
Blastas menu is cost friendly with mains costing €6.50 or less, they cater for breakfast and lunch and have a unique Monaghan spin to their menu.
The cafe also boasts €1.50 tea & coffee and Sean mentions it’s the cheapest in Monaghan Town. We highly recommend trying out ‘The Big Fella Burrito’
Blasta is open 9 – 4pm Monday – Thursday currently but they have plans for upcoming theme nights and international menus. Their long term plan is rotate the menu expanding beyond just Mexican food but for now, if you’re looking for tex mex call into Blasta.
Blasta homemade secret sauce
Blasta is located in Tapas De Noche, right next to the magic roundabout in Monaghan Town.

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