Monaghan Omniplex Cinema

Monaghan Cinema

Last week the brand new Omniplex Cinema  opened in Monaghan Town.

The cinema opened just in time for Christmas and features state of the art facilities and all the newest movies. Monaghan Omniplex Cinema has 5 screens with a state of the art OmniplexMAXX giant screen featuring the latest sound systems. There is free parking spaces, assigned seating in all screens, automated ticket collection points, 3D movies, wheelchair space and accessibility in all screens, Candyking pic’n’mix and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The cinema is located in the Monaghan retail park on The Clones Road. Below are the opening hours over the Christmas period.


In terms of pricing the standard adult fare is €9.60 with child tickets costing €6.50. You can calculate how much your cinema trip will cost on the Omniplex website



IMG_2681.jpgIMG_2683.jpgIMG_2690.jpgIMG_2685.jpgIMG_2697.jpgIMG_2699.jpgIMG_2708.jpgIMG_2714.jpgIMG_2715.jpgIMG_2719.jpgIMG_2723.jpgIMG_2726.jpgIMG_2731.jpgIMG_2736.jpgIMG_2737.jpgIMG_2742 - Copy.jpgIMG_2745.jpg

Thanks to Vibes Media (photography & video)



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