12 Pubs of Monaghan


The 12 Pubs Of Monaghan
Planning on doing the 12 pubs in Monaghan Town this Christmas and need some help?
Not to worry, here is a easy guide to to help make it happen. Like The Monaghan Mouth on Facebook

123 d.jpg

1: Mc Carron’s
A pub that time forgot, quiet,cosy and an excellent choice for the first pub. A great place to catch-up and wait for your full group to assemble.

2:The Shambles
A busy loud and boisterous bar at the bottom of Dublin Street. The Shambles has a jukebox, put on the cringiest 90s eurodance song and enjoy.

A country music pub with a nostalgic feel, friendliest staff ever but very tight for space. Large groups of 20+ avoid.


4:The Shamrock
Large bar perfect for big groups and usually has cheap drink deals.

5: Mc Kenna’s
The music/rocker/blues pub at the top of Dublin St that always has a good atmosphere. Last person in has to get everyone a bag of Tayto.

6:The Squealing Pig
A big busy sports bar right in The Diamond, the Pig usually has tight security so go here early to get in.


7: Tavern
The hotel bar in The Westenra Arms, they usually has live music all throughout Christmas so last person in has to jive.

8: Poc Fada
An Poc usually has live music or a DJ on the stage over Christmas. Security can be strict so don’t go in large groups as you wont get in, get your team to meet in the excellent smoking area for a game of truth or dare.

Country music pub right across from the Post Office. Cosy inside but small so get your group to the smoking area.


10:Courthouse                                                                                                                                                    Lovely little pub next to the actual Courthouse, don’t be too loud or messy or you’ll be asked to leave.

Considered the GAA bar in Monaghan, Terry’s is full of friendly faces and can accommodate large groups. Again at this stage don’t be too mad or you’ll be asked to leave.

12:Mc Caugheys (Option 1)
Half off-licence half pub Mc Caugheys is tight for space but staff are accommodating for groups.

12:Tir Na Nog (Option 2)
The pub on the furthest end of town, perfect for large groups.

Thanks to Shorty Mc Kenna for the photos

It’s possible to do this route entirely in reverse or to mix which pubs to go to in what order. This guide is only from different contributors past experience

Spy Nightclub
Realistically if you’ve done more than 6-8 pubs you wont get into Spy. Take off Christmas jumpers and approach in small groups. Strictly over 21’s. Entry fee is usually €10
Mexx Nightlife
Over 18’s nightclub at the Four Seasons hotel just outside town. Shuttle buses run from The Diamond every night it’s on. Entry fee is usually €10 but reps give out wristbands at different pubs.

Shifty Mulhares
A cocktail bar downstairs in The Westenra Hotel. Very tight for space unless you get seats.
Mc Manus
Sports bar in the middle of Monaghan. (This is also suitable or 12 pub venue)
More of a restaurant than a bar, Andys is recently reopened and refurbished. We haven’t had any contributors who have been here yet.



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