Paddy McCabe’s Shop Closes It’s Doors

Paddy Mc Cabe

Paddy McCabe’s shop in Monaghan Town has closed its doors for the final time yesterday.
The shop which is located up the Poundhill has been open for over 35 years. Well wishers flooded to our Facebook page to wish Paddy a happy retirement:

Joanne Mckearney aw Very fond memories of paddy mc cabes shop and 10p mix ups every summer, paddy always had a smile for you”

Sinead Tibby-Tracey Ah my heart is very heavy tonight fab memories xx thank you to paddy mc Cabe and his family for all the lovely memories for me and my children a bag of penny mixes will never be the same again xx best wishes paddy for a long and happy retirement xx “

Liz Swêěnëý Myself and Victoria Nic Èadbhaird popped into Paddy’s today to get ham and two euro sweet mixes. It was great chatting to Paddy about the 38yrs (opened in 1977) he spent serving the community.
There was a tear in my eye as I left the wee shop for the last time.”


Martin McGhee Yes, my parents used to own it. I lived there with them. And one of the Bradley girls and her husband rented a flat there for a time as well. Theresa? Anne? I can’t remember. Very nice person form a very nice family on Cathedral View. I remember Mrs McDonald from Dr McKenna Terrce more than any other customer because she used to scrutinise her weekly bill like an auditor wearing her silver thick-rimmed granny glasses that she kept on a neck chain. I dropped in there two years ago with my nieces Cara and Meaghan to show them where we (Maura, Danny, Ann Sean) used to live. A pity to see it close. I hope Paddy has a nice retirement and I hope the building becomes a nice home for someone.”

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Paddy Mc Cabe’s shop on the Poundhill

Old Monaghan Society posted this nugget of local history on their page:

“In early December 1997 a beloved grandfather made his customary visit to Paddy McCabe’s Shop on the Pound Hill, Monaghan Town. It was a familiar trip that he had made for many years to engage in a transaction that was not the norm for a traditional local convenience store. As was usual, Paddy reached for a pen and carefully jotted down, on a small paper bag normally used for dispensing ‘penny’ sweets, the names and the ages of his customer’s twelve grandchildren. With stage one complete, Paddy then overseen the purchase of age appropriate Christmas gifts for each of the twelve grandchildren. The once in a year transaction was then completed that Christmas Eve morning when the gifts were collected and paid for, each one carefully wrapped and marked, ready for distribution at the family get-together on Christmas evening. It would be the second last time that this familiar and memorable transaction would take place
Yesterday morning during the final hours of trading Paddy retrieved a well-worn ledger from behind the shop counter and, slowly leafing through the fading pages, came upon a small neat bundle of pristine ‘penny’ bags that recorded the details of all those now distant years of a grandfather’s annual Christmas trip to the little shop on the hill.
At 1pm yesterday afternoon Paddy closed the doors of his treasured ‘old world business’ that not only served so well the local community for many many years, but more importantly was a place of magic and intrigue for the many generations of children who crossed it’s familiar threshold for a much sought after ’10p mix’. Captured in the attached photographs are faithful customers Pete & Una Toal making their final nostalgic trip to their local shop yesterday afternoon to wish Paddy much happiness in his years of retirement. A sentiment shared by all the local community.”

Picture by Old Monaghan Society
Picture by Old Monaghan Society

Do you have any memories of the shop? post below.


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