The Alternative Blues Stage In Pictures

The Alt Blues Stage has been showcasing local Monaghan bands for several years now during The Harvest Time Blues Festival. It was setup by local musicians Ben O Sullivan, Luke Treanor, James Cadden, Darren Murtagh because it was a collective to shine a light on local talent and has been sponsored by Mark Quinn of Waveform Sound supplying stage and sound. During the last two years the stage moved from outside The Courthouse to Mc Kenna’s Bar on Dublin St and has been a huge success. This year it featured 7 bands including Litehouse, Rubenne, Dysania, Damien Sherry, The Lads, Leading Tone and The Saucehounds.

Below is a selection of photographs from this years Alternative Blues Stage in Mc Kenna’s Bar.


MVI_6995.MOV.Still001 MVI_6968.MOV.Still001 MVI_6897.MOV.Still001 MVI_6691.MOV.Still001 MVI_6685.MOV.Still001 IMG_7051 IMG_7036 IMG_6991 IMG_6989 IMG_6945

IMG_6981 IMG_7009 IMG_7020 IMG_6936 IMG_6921 IMG_6869 IMG_6859 IMG_6841 IMG_6833 IMG_6815 IMG_6807 IMG_6800 IMG_6783 IMG_6754 IMG_6748 IMG_6733

4IMG_6962IMG_6722IMG_6843MVI_6667.MOV.Still002MVI_6895.MOV.Still001ttIMG_6903 IMG_6994 IMG_7001 MVI_6666.MOV.Still001


More on Mc Kenna’s Bar facebook page


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