Former Owner Ordered To Vacate Master Deerys


Former pub owner Fergal Deery has been ordered by the High Court to vacate Master Deerys premises on Park Street. The court issued a restraining order against Mr Deery from entering Master Deery’s at 27/28 Market Street.

Mr Deery had been occupying the building since Tuesday 23rd June preventing proprietors Wardglade Ltd from entering.

In 2013 Master Deerys was placed into recievership by the bank  due to outstanding loans.  An attempt to re-open the business under the same name  proved unpopular and the premises was has been vacant since.

Wardglade Ltd purchased the property from the receivers in January of this year and have been working on re-opening the building.

Mr Deery said he would comply with the Judges order and made clear he would leave the building but stated he was making a point by occupying it.

Mr Deery told the court he was working on other ventures in Cavan and Drogheda under the ‘Master Deery’ brand. He also said his family would be taking a legal challenge on how the property was sold and  for intellectual copyright infringement.


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