Master Deery’s Placed Into Receivership

deerysWe come bearing sad news that one of Monaghan’s most loved bar, restaurant and nightclubs – Master Deery’s has been placed into receivership.

Announcement by Feargal, Michael and Breandan Deery of Master Deery’s:

As a matter of courtesy to our customers, suppliers and staff, we regret to announce that following lenghtly negotiations with our bankers, they have decided that their best course of action as a secured creditor was to appoint a Receiver to our business in Monaghan Town. This includes Level 2 Restaurant, Master Deery’s bar and the Junction nightclub. The Receiver took possession of the trading premises at 5pm on Monday 13 May 2013.

We wish to assure all of our customers, suppliers and staff that we have done everything within our powers in order to avoid this situation from arising. In addition we wish to express our thanks and gratitude to you for your loyalty and service over the past fifteen years. We sincerely regret any financial loss incurred by anyone as a consequence of this development.

For the record we would like to state that we have little or nothing to show, in terms of financial gain, for the past fifteen years of work. Like many others in this country, we are burdened with substantial home mortgages and have no other assets of any significance for our lifetime efforts.

At this point the only thing we can say apart from offering our sincerest apologies to affected parties, is that some point in the future, we would hope to be in a position to recover from this shocking, frustrating and devastating experience. We will try our best to be in a position once more of being able to provide a quality dining and entertainment experience at a reasonable price to our loyal patrons, and also to resume mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers.

Here is twitters reaction to the news:

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  1. Absolutely gutted, best steak & garlic potatoes around + I have a €80 voucher which has really sickened me

    • What do the Irish banks want ?? our blood , another well run business in Monaghan stopped by the banks, lets see how the reciever gets on trying to run the business,, he will not work as hard as the Deerys , but for sure he will be well paid by the banks !

  2. No way, sorry to hear that. Have had fine meals and recently visited the nite club plus the ice bar. It’s hard to see long established business, successful businesses, like this fall in these difficult times. All the best in the future and wish you the very best in the future.

  3. From speaking with various staff members at the weekend, Master Deerys is open for business as usual. There was a staff wedding at the weekend which is why the restaurant remained closed. The bar was open and the restaurant is opening this week. Great news………..

  4. We all are so sickened by the ruthlessness of the bankers, the government are to blame for giving them the green light to snatch everything from under the noses of people trying to create a business, nobody should vote for our governers, after all they bailed these guys out big time.

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