The Threat Returns


The possibility of being neighbours with a waste incinerator, is once again a distinct possibility for the people of Monaghan. More specificity those living in Carrickroe. Which is the same area that was targeted ten years ago by Monopower LTD.
Monopower LTD had proposed a waste disposal incinerator to cater for mushroom farms in the country and would have been used to burn large amounts of spent mushroom compost and poultry litter. The local opposition became so strong they were unable to proceed. It is not clear whether Monopower are again attempting to build this incinerator, or whether another party is involved.

There are many reason locals may object to such a project being undertaken in their are. Health and safety issues, environmental issues, and quality of life arguments. A massive increase in heavy duty traffic would see the already worn country roads taking more damage, as well as adding the constant sound of vehicles to a once quiet area, as these plants are often open 24 hours a day, 354 days a year.

There will be a meeting held in Carrickroe community centre next Monday, the 8th, to discuss the situation. The meeting is open to all.


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