Emyvale Road Closure Postponed


Monaghan County Councils controversial plans for closing the N2 Monaghan to Emyvale road have been postponed.

The road closure would have resulted in part of the route being shut down for nearly five months while upgrade works were being done.

Monaghan County Council has said ” today’s closure date of February 18th can not proceed as planned and they are considering all objections whether they were received on time or not.”

The closure would have resulted in traffic being diverted at Aughnacloy and bypassing Emyvale town and other parts of Monaghan.

Local traders were angered at the decision as the majority of their business comes directly from the north.

Monaghan County Council’s statement

  • Monaghan County Council is considering all objections whether received in time or not and have facilitated various meetings, in an effort to allay any fears and endeavour to address people’s concerns. The starting date of the intended closure cannot proceed on the 18th February as planned.
  • If it is decided to proceed with the closure, having taken into account all concerns, the 2nd Notice advising of the closure will be published in the Irish Independent Newspaper and the local paper, parish bulletins and on the Monaghan Co. Co. website.
  • Objectors will also be advised of the decision.
  • The closure is necessary to facilitate improvements works on the N2 between Monaghan and Emyvale (Phase 2 & 4 Coolkill East to Corracrin).





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