Man Who Threw Petrol Bomb At Pub Jailed

Master Deerys pub had refused to serve the man a drink.

The man who threw a petrol bomb at a pub in Monaghan and left a young student with scars has been jailed for four years.

Andrew McKenna (57) targeted the pub because he had earlier been refused a drink at Master Deerys Monaghan.He later returned and petrol bombed it, leaving a 20-year-old student badly burned.

He pleaded guilty to charges of arson, public endangerment and assault causing harm, at Master Deery’s Bar in Monaghan town on May 28 last year.

The judge imposed two four-year sentences in respect of the arson and public endangerment, and a two-year term in respect of the assault, all of which will run concurrently.

After being refused service, the accused returned with a petrol bomb he had made up at home — a jar containing tissue soaked in petrol that he lit and threw at the pub.

The blazing petrol splashed on the young student, who was working in the premises, and she ran screaming into the street engulfed in the blaze. A good Samaritan grabbed her and managed to extinguish the flames.

Judge O’Hagan was told McKenna, who spent several years in England, had also previously served a five-year jail term imposed by the Special Criminal Court on a conviction for his involvement in a robbery. Defence counsel Peter Nolan said McKenna had been in prison since last May arising from the incident and was extremely remorseful.


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