Watch Out For Suspicious Home Security Salesman

A suspicious salesman from another county has been operating in the Ballinode area on Thursday and today selling home security devices.

The man has been calling door to door selling security items mostly locks for diesel tanks, trailers and doors. When questioned he did not have any identification or business details.
While this in itself is not illegal, it is timely to remind householders about engaging with these people, and to be alert to strangers in the locality. Some unscrupulous people often use this type of opportunity to “case” an area for future crime.

Homeowners should be on their guard, looking out for themselves, neighbours, and elderly or vulnerable people in the community, and to report any suspicious cars or people in the area to local Garda stations. All advice on home, farm and business security upgrades is readily available from local GardaĆ­, and certified products are on sale in shops and security companies in Monaghan. The Scotstown Garda phone number is 89202 or 79142, or contact the Monaghan Station at 82222.

Thanks to Ballinode Monaghan facebook page for the information.


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