Monaghan County Council Identifying Non-Payers Of Household Charge

Monaghan County Council are currently identifying households that have not paid the €100 household charge.

The local authority is checking there database to determine which households have not paid the charge.The council will have a full list in the coming weeks.

Reminder letters will be issued to those who haven’t paid up.

Late payments for the €100 charge are liable to an extra interest rate of 1 per cent for each month that the payment is overdue, as well as a 10 per cent fine as long as the fee is paid within six months of the original March 31 deadline.

This means that anybody paying the charge within August will face a fee of €115 instead of the original €100. This will rise to €116 in September, and to €127 in October when the 10 per cent late payment penalty is increased to 20 per cent.

The authority says 59 per cent of households have paid the €100 euro charge.


One comment

  1. Hey Monaghan Mouth thats not of interest to local readers because you make no effort to explore what the hell is going on you’re just offering up news like parrots – don’t be parrots! this mafia house tax is just the latest dreamt up by fat cat bosses who wont cut their six figure salaries – which is 100 percent tax payers money – and you put this crap up here to try sway non payers into succumbing to the local mafia… as bad as

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