Tapwater Encourages Drug Use So Says Monaghan Nightclub

Taken from statement on their facebook page

Vanity Nightclub in Carrickmacross has come under fire lately over  their strict water policy which denies paying clientele access to free tap water.

This policy is apparently part of their new measures to maintain a ‘Drug Free Zone in the club.

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It came to light earlier this week after a post by a disgruntled patron on their facebook page went viral, attracting several hundred facebook likes and comments.
The comment was later deleted from Vanity Nightclubs facebook page but a screenshot was taken
Nightclubs have become popular as venues for people to share their interest in particular types of music or dancing, to have fun and meet new people. For some people, this also means taking “club drugs”. These include drugs such as ecstasy, speed, LSD, GHB and ketamine. In addition to hot and crowded venues, some drugs, such as ecstasy and speed, raise the body’s temperature. Alcohol also dehydrates the body – a dangerous combination. Without ample supplies of water, the likelihood of overheating and feeling unwell are extremely high, and drug users may experience hyperthermia. With this condition, the body is no longer able to control body temperature. 
With an entrance fee of €15, do you think it’s fair to have to pay for water?
CORRECTIONS : Following an email from Vanity Nightclub the suggestion that Vanity had interests in Celctic Pure water were found to be false. The no tap-water policy has always been in place and is not new.


  1. I would like them to provide evidence that links tap water to drug use. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that alcohol dehydrates the body. Therefore, they should be obliged to give free tap water in order to keep their customers in good health – noone is demanding Ballygowan Sparkling here.

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