Monaghan United Issue Statement Against Media Allegations

Monaghan United have issued a statement defending the club against recent media allegations.

The departure of Monaghan United from the League of Ireland was a sad time for all of us at the club and nobody felt this loss more than the officers and members of the club. Since leaving the League of Ireland we have been attempting to restructure our club and develop football in the counties of Monaghan and Cavan , however during these last few weeks since our departure we have found that our club and it’s history is been undermined by stories that have surfaced in recent newspapers and we would question the motives of these articles. Monaghan United now feel it is important to clarify some points that have been reported in the media. Monaghan United have never received any financial assistance from the association for the running our senior team, and to imply otherwise is wrong and misleading. Of the €130,000 mentioned €106,000 is made up of the funding for the establishment of an all weather pitch at Gortakeegan to further enhance an FAI regional centre at Monaghan United. The remainder which is affiliation and referees fees would have been paid in full at the end of our present season in line with normal practices. Monaghan United have always met their financial commitments to the league at the end of every season. Monaghan United have always been quite happy to put the full facilities of Monaghan United at the disposal of the association with no cost to them since it’s establishment in 2009 and while the repayment is a matter of dispute we feel it was wrong of the league director to discuss this in the media. Since our departure it has been alluded to that while every attempt was been made by others to save Monaghan United, that we at the club made little or no effort to maintain our league status, this could not be further from the facts. The club officers, members and supporters explored every avenue in an effort to remain in the League of Ireland but after our meeting in abbotstown it became quite clear that despite our best efforts the task was insurmountable. Monaghan United were unaware of any assistance offered or given by the association, financial or otherwise to the club during this period. Monaghan United would like to be allowed to continue to grow football and assist in the development of soccer in the community without any further attempts to undermine the club or our work. Finally we would like to take this opportunity to wish all the football family our best wishes and thank them for the many messages of support. Ends


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