Fuel Launderers Dump 13 Tonnes Of Toxic Sludge

Fuel Launderers dumped 13 tonnes of hazardous diesel sludge waste near Annyalla last Saturday.

Monaghan County Council reported the incident at Latnakelly near Annyalla took a considerable amount of time to deal with, as a significant volume of the toxic sludge had spilled onto the public road causing disruption.

Council staff needed the assistance of Enviromental Officials, Castleblayney Fire Brigade and local contractors to clear up the huge mess to prevent seepage into nearby farmland or streams.

The Council also confirmed that so far in 2012, there’s been a dramatic increase in diesel wash dumping in comparison to previous years.42 separate incidents have already been dealt with since the start of the year, with 250 tonnes of waste material.

Monaghan County Council says the problem in particular is concentrated in the south east of the county, along the Armagh border.

Gardaí and farming organisations renewed an appeal for information that will help them to target the illegal dumpers.

Gardai have urged the public to contact Castleblayney garda station on (042)9740668 with any information they may have about the incident.


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