MIFET End Of Year UV Party

MIFET Students Union present ‘END OF YEAR UV PARTY’ with Bbq, DJ, UV lights, drink promotions, prizes and more….

We all know that feeling. You know the one, as a kid on the last day of school, it can never be forgotten! Staring with anticipation at that clock as it crawled by, knowing that the only thing standing between you and sweet freedom was that 3 o’ clock bell. And once thatglorious bell rang, screams echoed through the halls as children burst into the afternoon heat. Yes, it was always sunny!

So lets kick off the summer in style and make it one to remember…or not. But the good news is that we have a dedicated photographer on the night!

Non-MIFET students of course very welcome
Tunes all Night
Prize for ‘best’ dancer
Photographer on the night
Bbq kicks off @ 9.30

It’s all FREE!

Downstairs @
Mc Kenna’s Bar
Dublin Street


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