Almost €900,000 Spent On Litter Problem

Monaghan County Council spent almost 900,000 euro tackling its litter problem last year.

In its Progress Report for 2011, the local authority outlines a number of activities carried out to combat this issue – one of which is new bins at the cost of 8,000 euros.

The cost of cleaning up county Monaghan reached 846,000 thousand euro in 2011 – a cost which was described as “depressing” by Fianna Fail councillor, Robbie Gallagher.

Figures distributed at this month’s council meeting show that 630 tonnes of waste was collected, while 10,000 euros was invested in a CCTV camera to combat the problem of illegal dumping.

Dog fouling doesn’t escape the report – as 5,000 pooper scoopers were handed out to encourage dog owners to clean up their animal’s waste.

The local authority says the biggest challenge they now face is to motivate the public to take action against litter.


One comment

  1. 900000 ?!? Yeah, I’d love to see a breakdown of that. Firstly, what was the cost of the progress report itself? And 8 grand for new bins? What’s wrong with the present ones then ! “Hmm, I need to get rid of this crisp bag but there’s only that old dirty bin over there. I only put rubbish in shiney new ones I do”
    And 10 bloody grand for a cctv system….one system? What a waste!! Ya can get a decent ip cam or similar on ebay for about 100th of that price.

    No wonder this countrys broke !!!!!

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