Fortstock Festival 2012

Fortstock festival monaghan clones vance estate

Fortstock a brand new music festival has been announced to take place in Monaghan this summer.

The festival will occupy the beautiful Vance’s Estate, Clones on the 23rd & 24 of June this summer with one of the most exciting line-ups seen in this county in years. It promises to appeal to music lovers and festival enthusiasts both young and old. 

Fortstock Festival will be headlined by local superstar Ryan Sheridan and Limerick duo The Rubberbandits, Other acts include The stars of the Commitments featuring Kenneth Mc Cluskey and Dick Massey , The Rubberbandits, Aslan (who celebrate 25yrs this year), Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy), Mundy, The Riptide Movement, Whipping Boy, The 4 of us, Pat Mc Manus (Mammas Boys), Dj Bez (Happy Mondays), Dirty Epics, and upcoming Cavan youngsters The Strypes. The festival is also suppourting some local acts including Grainne Duffy, Fixed Penalty and Clara Rose. 

A limited amount of early bird tickets are now on sale while stocks last at just €32.60 for a single day ticket and just €53.50 for a weekend ticket. Tickets are available now from

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One comment

  1. I was out at Fortstock in Clones on Sunday the 24th of June 2012 and couple of things I noticed disturbed me greatly. Firstly was the way the security staff were body searching everyone, male and female, young and old, who passed through the cordon and into the music venue. The searches they were carrying out were totally unlawful and the Gardai do not even have the powers to conduct summary searches in the manner that I witnessed taken place without probable cause, or once they have informed people of their rights prior to arrest.

    But the most disturbing thing was that people paid for the privilege to be searched and their willing compliance was like something out of George Orwell’s ‘1984’. It was the most disgusting violation of people rights I have witnessed in a long time and the scale of it only added to the level of disgust I felt. I did not enter the venue so my indignation was limited by witnessing of others being searched.

    The searches were not about protecting people from any possible threat by unruly attendees at the music festival, but in fact to ensure that patrons did not bring their own alcoholic beverages into the venue. People who went in and out of the music area were searched each time re-entry without fail. The actions that were enforced were there to protect the revenues of the ‘official’ alcohol dispensing vendors at the venue and nothing more.

    it is bad enough that we have to suffer the indignity of body searches at the airport prior to a flight, but have we become so dumbed down and compliant that we will now allow these invasions of our person simply to attend a music festival?. This dog training has to be nipped in the bud, and fast. Because if we allow this kind of subversion of ours right to become commonplace and mainstream next it will be shopping centers and parks, in fact anywhere where people gather and some perceived silly ‘prevention is better than cure’ threat is deemed to exist.

    People are people, and not sheep, and this has to be always remembered.

    D Curtis

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