Monaghan Man “Felt Used” By RTE

a 43 year old businessman from Monagahan told the Sunday Independant how he felt RTE tried to use him in the now infamous Frontline programme to “gun down” the then Presidential election candidate.

Pat Mc Guirk who was an audience member on the programme told the paper that his initial question for Sean Gallagher was about the salary of the President but it was changed in conversation with the Programme team to focus instead on Mr Gallagher’s job creation record.

The question was re-written by the team and handed to Mr Mc Guirk just minutes before the programme began.

The Monaghan businessman said he was shocked by the hostile nature of the question and when he was referred to in the programme by Pat Kenny he changed its language to what he felt was acceptable.

RTE has contradicted Mr Mc Guirks version of events, saying he had been read a version of the new question over the phone prior to his departure for Dublin.

It also says he made several remarks about Mr Gallagher to a researcher in the days before the programme and that these prompted the version of the question he was given.


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