More Festivals For Monaghan? Vote In Poll

After our recent post on the Harvest Time Blues Festival 2012 some users took to social networking site facebook to voice their opinions on it and lack of other festival options.

We compiled some of the best comments both for and against the Blues festival.

Blues music would not be considered mainstream music or anything near as popular as Country & Western so the commenter does have a point.

Another valid point here, maybe if more people were passionate about bringing different types of music to Monaghan there would be less complaining. The arts council award grants to small festivals with a clear artistic purpose“.

In terms of music festivals Monaghan currently has The Flat Lake (Clones) and The Harvest Time Blues (Monaghan Town)

The Flat Lake began in 2007 after novelist Pat Mc Cabe and director Kevin Allen joined forces to bring a literary and arts festival to the farmland fields of Clones. Online magazine ¨nthWORD describes the festival as “cheap, off-beat, anarchic weekend that is hard to beat

While the Harvest Time Blues was founded back in 1990 by Somhairle Mac Chongaill and Seamus Mc Kenna to “promote and enrich the cultural life of Monaghan” The harvest time blues focuses entirely on blues music and draws in lots of international visitors

Paircfest a rock tribute festival that was held in Newbliss in 2010 receieved a great review by The Irish Times. It brought together some of the biggest rock tribute acts and unleashed their guitar riffs around the Newbliss countryside.

Paircfest 2010

Unfortunately due to a lack of funding Paircefest was unable to continue and an online petition was unable to save it.

The question is what sort of music festival would you like in County Monaghan?

 Unfortunately the poll was letting users vote twice here are the results at 17:48

Please vote again below



  1. love the blues fest but maby a tweak r two might broaden the musical attraction,and or a combination of c&w and blues !!! variety is the spice and all that jazz…excuse the punnnnn !!!!!

  2. Leave the Harvest Fest alone, it’s grand as it is. If you want a certain type of fest- people START IT YOURSELF instead of sitting around whinging and waiting for somebody else to do it for you, look at the buskfest for inspiration.
    Anyway Mon is getting a country fest soon, we have Feile Oriel too for trad.

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